Cloche Designs | When Love Gives You Lemons
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When Love Gives You Lemons

By: Carolina Roberts

When love gives you lemons you throw a lemon soirée! We’re forever obsessed with Beth Podraza’s lemon-inspired wedding. We want to congratulate Beth & her main squeeze on a fabulous matrimony, thank you for entrusting us as your wedding designers. The #clochegirls wish you and Russell the best!

Need some zest in your life? Shop these lemony looks below and stay tuned for beautiful pics coming your way this week via Instagram from #2peasinapodraza!

1. Crystal Lily Earrings, 2. Dolce & Gabbana-, 3. Kayu Basket Clutch-, 4. Tabitha Simmons Silver Frill Heal- , 5. Mother of Pearl Flower Earrings-, 6. Pansy Garland Necklace-, 7. Rebecca Minkoff Pearl Bracelet-, 8. Marbled & Metal Bangle- 9. Self Portrait Embroidered Tiered Dress-, 10. Gucci Satin Bee Shoulder Bag-, 11. Lisana Heel-, 12. Limon Silvestre Earrings-, 13. Lemon Print Dress-, 14. Acrylic Lemon Evening Purse-, 15. Ruffle-Strap Heel-