Cloche Designs | Pink & Green With Envy
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Pink & Green With Envy

By: Carolina Roberts

Last week I rescued a Cloche girl at Fred Segal by talking her out of buying a truly heinous Christmas sweater (we girls have to hold each other to our brand standards!). Whoever said pink and green was the new red and green is seriously genius (um, me)! Thank goodness we get to work with such fabulous clients who welcome our fresh take on Christmas style and we’re gearing up to deck the halls for some of our favorites next week! Then as December unfolds, stay tuned via our Instagram for an inside glance to all the festive fêtes we’ve planned this season, AND if needing a Christmas wardrobe re-vamp shop these bold, bright and sparkly outfits (links below)—you’ll be the life of the party!

1.Gold Bow & Gemstone Drop Earrings  2.Sequin Midi Dress 3. Edie Parker Clutch 4. Pink Ankle High Heels 5. Flower Drop Earrings 6. Hot Pink Jumpsuit  7. Acrylic Gold Star Purse 8. Ruby and Turquoise Ring  9.Nude Strap Heel 10. Crystal Cluster Earring  11. Needle and Thread Blush Dress 12.Gold and Sapphire Heart Ring 13. YSL Cream Bag 14.Gold Cuff Bracelet 15. Gold Heels 16. “Andy Drop” Earrings  17. Green Wrap Dress 18. Pink Velvet Clutch 19. Silver Glitter Heels