Cloche Designs | Viva Gina Langford!
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Viva Gina Langford!

By: Laura Nell Burton
Photography by: Christin Gish

We had so much fun earlier this month hosting Town & Country acclaimed artist Gina Langford teaching her second ever “Introduction to Watercolor” class.We adore Gina! We met during a magical Special Project two years ago and have worked with her on many wonderful projects for Cloche Designs clients since then. We hosted her first class last July (click here to read all about it including secret techniques and links to Gina’s favorite products). During this second class, Gina taught students the basics of painting a Fiesta-inspired crest just in time to celebrate Fiesta San Antonio, a celebration of San Antonio’s rich and diverse cultures (much like Mardi Gras in New Orleans and providing an economic impact of more than $340 million for our wonderful city). Bright Fiesta colors were the perfect inspirational palette for a lively evening of learning.

During Fiesta, San Antonio women love to wear embroidered blouses and flowing dresses celebrating our city’s Mexican heritage. As hostesses of the evening, we wore Mi Golondrina, a line made with quality textiles and high-end craftsmanship representing the beauty of Mexico. Don’t miss shopping it online here. P.S. If you’re coming to Fiesta with a date, buy him a Dos Carolinas handmade guayabera here. Our 22 students were greeted with a signature cocktail (who doesn’t like piña coladas?!) and lite bites including cookies by Baked Goodness (the yummiest and prettiest cookies in our city!). We set pretty tables and turned on Ella Fitzgerald radio to get creative juices flowing.After 101 introductions were made, students went to work.At the end of the evening, each beginner student took home supplies and treasures created during class. Here are a few of their masterpieces…To the ladies who shared your evening with us, thanks for your willingness to try something new, spread your creative wings and fly with the Cloche girls! It brought us great joy. Anyone who’d like to sign up for the next class’s waiting list (date TBD), email us at

¡Viva San Antonio, Viva Fiesta and Viva Gina!


The Cloche Girls ♥