Cloche Designs | Viva Fiesta, Viva Cloche!
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Viva Fiesta, Viva Cloche!

By: Carolina Roberts

Fiesta is upon us (the Cloche Girls’ favorite party of the year)! For those unfamiliar with Fiesta, it all started in 1891 as one parade honoring the fallen heroes of The Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto. Today, it’s a ten-day long celebration in San Antonio, Texas not unlike Mardi Gras, and people travel from all over to attend the beautiful and cheerful festivities. Our city comes alive with bright colors, amazing food, fun parties, The River Parade, The Battle of Flowers Parade, the Fiesta Flambeau (America’s largest illuminated parade) and so much more. We hope you’re coming…so we’ve put together some looks that will stand out in even the most colorful crowd. But no matter what you wear, don’t forget your most important accessory (margarita on the rocks with salt, señorita!). Viva Fiesta and Viva Cloche!


  1. White Flower Earrings 2. Zimmerman Floral Dress 3. Pink Gucci Crossbody Purse 4. Gold and Pearl Sandal 5. Gold Earrings 6. White Wrap Top 7. Rainbow Sequin Skirt 8. Wedge Espadrilles 9. Purple Embroidered Dress 10. Pom-Pom Clutch 11. White Platform Sneaker 12. Strawberry Earrings 13. Yellow Ruffle Top 14. Yellow Bird Clutch 15. White Flare Jeans 16. Multi Color Wedge