Cloche Designs | Up Cloche And Personal with Gina Langford
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Up Cloche And Personal with Gina Langford

By: Laura Nell Burton

We’re beyond excited to present acclaimed artist Gina Langford at her very first (ever!) instructed class “Introduction to Watercolor” on Wednesday, July 18 in San Antonio, Texas. For those of you following us on Instagram @clochedesigns, you already know how much we adore all things Gina Langford…

Originally from Corpus Christi, Texas, Gina comes from generations of artists, including her talented mother, Kitty Dudics. Gina majored in business at the University of Texas at Austin while taking art classes including a semester abroad painting in France. After college she traveled the world working for the Savannah College of Art and Design. Her focus on watercolor began after she decided to stay home and start a family.

She is a devoted wife and loving mother to three adorable children who are her greatest source of artistic inspiration. Follow her beautiful life @gina.langford.

TOWN&COUNTRY named her one of the top 8 wedding invitation illustrators in the country. T&C WEDDINGS and Camille Styles have both profiled her talent.

A few months ago she was featured on the homepage of Martha Stewart Weddings for her watercolor crest complimenting a stunning design by Stephanie Fishwick for the Cuban-and-Texan inspired wedding of Cloche’s Contributing Fashion Curator, Natalie Steen @upthegetup.

Most recently, Mark D. Sikes and Christina Lynch commissioned Gina to illustrate the art to launch their line of tops, skirts and dresses that, according to the latest issue of VERANDA, “combine Sikes’ laid-back-luxe silhouettes with hand-embroidered details typical of Lynch’s ethnic-chic approach.” The MDS Stripes and Mi Golondrina collaboration has been a smashing success. By the way, we’re huge Mark Sikes fans! Read all about the pretty luncheon table we designed for him when he was the keynote speaker at Kappa Tablescapes here.

Sikes had worked with Gina before, commissioning custom heraldry for the 2017 Swan Ball. Her crest was revealed at the Swan Ball 2017 Unveiling party and then appeared in several other places throughout the ball itself. The ball’s overall design was a collaborative effort by Sikes (now a resident of Los Angeles but formerly of Nashville) and Nashville’s own acclaimed designer Sarah Bartholomew. The Swan Ball is one of the country’s highest profile charity events, raising millions of dollars for Cheekwood, a nonprofit institute in Nashville benefitting the study and appreciation of the arts and botanics. The 2017 honoree was none other than Carolina Herrera. Read all about it in TOWN&COUNTRY here.

The #clochegirls first met Gina last summer during our Special Project remodeling  Jackie’s Playhouse at The Argyle when she graciously accepted the call to illustrate our grand re-opening invitation. When we first asked, she wasn’t accepting new projects. Coincidentally, she was in the process of moving from Charlottesville, Virginia to San Antonio. And, as it turned out, her own wedding reception was held at The Argyle! We partnered with the amazing team of designers at Dixie Design Collective who transformed her beautiful illustrations into the prettiest, most special invitation (EVER)! P.S. We are forever grateful to talented Robin Verrier of @verryrobin_co for photographing the finished playhouse and paper suite.

Gina’s original now permanently graces Jackie’s Playhouse fireplace mantle.

By the way, if you’re in love with what you see above, our dear friends at Dixie Design Collective have since re-purposed all elements from Jackie’s Playhouse paper suite into a Garden Tales Collection which is now customizable for your own soirée.

Collaborating with Gina on Jackie’s Playhouse marked the beginning of a professional and personal relationship that we deeply treasure. At Cloche Designs, we believe the heart of every event begins with the invitation—that the paper story should inspire and inform all other aspects of the party. One of our very favorite examples of this is a partridge in a pear tree baby shower invitation we commissioned Gina to illustrate last Christmas. Learn more about how we began with Gina’s custom baby crest and carried it across our client’s entire party here.

Here are a few other projects we’ve worked on with Gina (with many more to come!).

With July 18 sold out, we’ve started a waiting list for a subsequent class (hopefully sometime in the fall). So, email us at and we’ll contact you in advance before we publicize (no artistic experience required). In the meantime, stay tuned for another Love Letter and fun Instagram stories covering the upcoming class!

We love you, Gina!


The Cloche Girls