Cloche Designs | The Tale Of The Cloche Garden
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The Tale Of The Cloche Garden

By: Natalie Steen, @upthegetup Contributing Fashion Curator

Beatrix Potter created a fascinating and mouth-watering setting in “The Tale of Peter Rabbit:” Mr. McGregor’s vegetable garden. It was lusciously green and plentiful, but it was also forbidden territory – all the more reason we empathized with Peter for risking it all (turning into a pie) to venture inside.

But I know of (and experienced!) a setting that was more perfectly manicured, more charming and more replete with mouth-watering details than that garden. And that, my dear friends, is the McGregor Party Cloche threw a couple weeks ago in San Antonio, Texas to unveil the refurbished Jackie’s Playhouse, a life-size playhouse adorning the Argyle grounds. There is no better way to describe the endeavor Cloche took on than as a labor of love. And there is no better way to describe the way I felt seeing their finished work than desperately wishing I was five years old again. Having said that, I’ll stop – because no words will do this legacy project justice. Instead I’ll direct you here, where you can see the magic for yourself (and also wish you were five years old again).

Unfortunately for you this doesn’t mean I don’t have any more to say. So I will end by setting the scene that inspired this collage: a beautiful grassy lawn in front of a private dining club built in 1854; children squealing as they run around, baskets in hand, in search of the hidden golden key to unlock the most fabulous playhouse I have ever seen; me, a few yards away, glass of champagne with a cotton candy topper in hand, wondering how long I could get away with moving into Jackie’s playhouse and claiming it as my permanent residence; bunnies (yes, real bunnies) hopping alongside your feet, leaving you wondering whether you are hallucinating this entire Sunday afternoon dreamworld; and Laura Nell Burton and Christin Gish across the way, impeccably dressed and completely composed, reminding you that perfection is achievable with some teamwork and a lot of heart.

Bunny Rose Gold Earrings – The Outnet// Bright Blossom Flower Earrings – Shopbop// Baby Blue Pom Pom Earrings – Tuleste// Blush Ostrich Pom Earrings – Tuleste// Masquerade Mask – H&M// Elisa Sleeveless Gingham Dress – Bergdorf Goodman// Rabbit Light Blue Shirt – Neiman Marcus// Jacquard Trousers – Mythersa// Circle lace-trimmed dress – Net-A-Porter// Bunny Leather Clutch – MatchesFashion// Off the shoulder dress – M’oda ‘Operandi// Tale of Peter Rabbit Book Clutch – Etsy// Pearls Sandal – Stuart Weitzman// Bunny Sandal – Bluefly// Canvas Gingham Heels – Forward//