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The Becher Bunch

Written by: Laura Nell Burton
Photography by: Christin Gish

Here’s the story of lovely Emily
Who was bringing up a lovely boy and girl.
Both of them with chestnut hair, like their mother,
The three of them were pearls.

Who is this lovely lady, you say? Professionally, Emily amazes me. She joined The CE Group 13 years ago and has steadily risen through the ranks to Director of National Events under CEO, Janet Holliday (one of the most fascinating female entrepreneurs you’ll ever encounter). Suffice it to say, Emily has a really big, really demanding job—which she manages with absolute excellence and integrity. In her personal life, she is the sweet, devoted Mom of Julia and Clint. By the way, she’s Christin’s sister—and I consider my business partner family—so that makes Emily family, too.

Here’s the story, of a man named Tim,
Busy with two daughters and a son of his own,
There were four Bechers living all together,
Yet they were all alone.

Tim is the Director of Risk Management and Insurance with Circle K, one of CE Group’s clients, which is how he and Emily met. He’s also super Dad to Audrey, Tyler and Emma. After working together for several years they began dating and were soon smitten.

I first met Emily five years ago, clinging for dear life to a marriage about to end. Divorce is a death, of sorts, and heartbreak is messy business. I know, I’ve grieved my own failed marriage, and those were the darkest days of my life. Influential theologian Paul Tillich said it well, “Suffering introduces you to yourself and you are reminded you are not the person you think you are.” But God always shows us the way to higher ground, employing those in our very midst, loved ones and strangers alike, to help light the path ahead…

By the time I met Emily, I’d risen up from my own rubble. Our first encounter was hours after an SOS call from Christin. As I sat in Christin’s living room listening, with a diamond ring on my left hand and a new baby on my hip, I promised Emily there’s always a new beginning dawning. Little did we both know that day in her valley of the shadow of pain that God had a bigger plan for our time together, during a season of great joy, yet to come. So, when Emily asked us to plan her wedding—Cloche’s very first wedding—it was grace revealed…

Till the one day when the lady met this fellow
And they knew that it was much more than a hunch,
That this group must somehow form a family.
That’s the way they all became the Becher Bunch.

We’ve all heard the saying that the cobbler’s children have no shoes. In Emily’s case, a month before her wedding day, the event planner had no event. She’d booked Magnolia Halle, selected a wedding dress and outfitted the wedding party, but that was it. The budget was tight because the smart couple opted for a dreamy honeymoon to Paris, Tours and Ile de Re, France (check out their favorite French hotel here) over an extravagant nuptial affair. The soon-to-be parents of five children knew it might be their last getaway for a very long time.

Enter Cloche. As our gift, we passed business discounts and wholesale costs on to Emily and waived our design fee. The headcount was 60 people. The entire budget for linens and flowers to transform 3,600 square feet of cavernous space was $1,000 (everything else was negotiated in her Magnolia Halle contract). The first thing we did was create a quick Pinterest Board for collaboration (check it out here).

Her flower girl dresses inspired blue and white linens. Next came the plan for flowers. Although Emily requested all white, we received her blessing the day before the wedding to get creative and take a completely different direction, introducing vibrant pinks, celadon green, and bright yellow into her color palette (we had $250 worth of stems we could repurpose at zero cost to Emily from an outdoor dinner party and The Scout Guide San Antonio photo shoot earlier that week).

We had a large empty wall to address, and did so with a 10-foot-long birch log that we gussied up in cost-efficient Italian ruscus. We sourced other fresh greenery including olive branches and seeded eucalyptus in abundance. Fresh cut blooms were ordered sparingly to manage expenses.

Cathy Young (seriously ya’ll, if you can find a better tasting cake anywhere on the planet, do let us know) created both cakes—she made our Nebraska Cornhusker groom so happy!

The blooming star was Emily’s bouquet, featuring white roses and peonies, and hot pink trailing phalaenopsis orchids that we hand strung with delicate white stephanotis. The total investment after repurposing was $750 ($500 for Emily). Linens for six round dining tables and the cake table totaled $500. We met our budget and made every dollar count for the highest visual impact possible #clochenailedit.

After we finished our morning install, I snuck back home to my family before the luncheon reception began. What great joy Christin’s afternoon call brought me sharing that when Emily entered Magnolia Halle she burst into tears of gratefulness (and, she sent us the most precious thank you note, check it out here). That, my friends, is why I’m in this business. The gift was all in the giving, Mrs. Timothy Dean Becher. May you live happily ever after.

The Becher Bunch,
The Becher Bunch,
That’s the way that they became the Becher Bunch!