Cloche Designs | Special Projects
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Cloche embraces all varieties of special projects, where our passion and creativity perfectly aligns with your unique service need. There is nothing we love more than the opportunity to deliver fresh, out-of-the-box creativity. If you believe you have a special project that is a fit for our capabilities, do not hesitate to call us. We will connect with you on a deep level so that we can design a product that is genuinely infused with your personality.


For example, we delight in resurrecting old treasures. We believe that while every detail is important to the big picture, some interior projects require amplified attention. Working with talented artisans, Cloche embraces projects like curating and styling unusual collections, photographs, art and fragments, especially those with sentimental significance. Cloche works directly with clients, or embraces working as a resource to interior designers to give these special projects extraordinary, undivided attention.


We invite you to explore examples of our special project capabilities below.