Cloche Designs | Our Process
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Our Process


Cloche Designs is a full-service events company delivering tremendous value from our services. We stand for excellence. We approach each event as a blank canvas brought to life from your dreams. You will discover real variety in our portfolio, with impeccable details as the common denominator.


We hope to be the first call when your planning journey begins. We will facilitate an open, honest conversation about meeting your overall budget expectations. We are highly experienced professionals who prioritize fiscal integrity. We will present competitive pricing from vendors aligned with the quality standards that initially motivated you to contract our services. Strategic budget allocation and vendor contract negotiation is paramount as we work alongside you to plan and design your event.


We will guide you through investing your event dollars where there is the greatest return in terms of balancing logistical framework with overall aesthetic impact. Our goal is to deliver value to you through quality and cost saving strategies that ultimately offset our fees. We would love to introduce you to clients who will attest to this, having experienced it firsthand.


Full-Service Planning and Design Services


Where most event companies specialize in either planning or design, Cloche Designs specializes in both.


Event planners are logistical, from vendor referrals to day-of execution. Traditional planners can fit everything they are responsible for at an install in the back of a sport utility vehicle. We bring our sincere nurturing skills to all aspects of this planning and coordination process. Proactive, ever calm and in control, there is never a problem we cannot solve.


Event designers are aesthetic, with the exact same responsibilities as residential interior designers. Your designer introduces you to cohesive, creative ideas, trade sources, secrets and pricing that would not otherwise be accessible to you. As event designers, we consult on everything including our precision drawing floor plans, lighting design, flooring finishes, flowers, furniture/décor rentals, drapery, linens, invitation suites, entertainment, food and beverage presentation and every other detail to take your event from ordinary to extraordinary. We curate and manage everything and everyone necessary to deliver your overall vision as we transparently extend our trade discounts directly to you. We design and ultimately install every aspect of your space according to your aesthetic vision. When what you imagine does not economically exist, we produce it ourselves according to your wishes, making your event truly unique to you.


When your event begins, we will be there to coordinate and flawlessly execute all logistical details. Our hands will have meticulously touched and refined every last aesthetic inch of the space on your behalf. Most importantly, the entire client service journey is one we fill with joy and love in the hope of leaving an everlasting mark on your heart.