Cloche Designs | San Antonio Public Library Foundation Luncheon
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San Antonio Public Library Foundation Luncheon

Written by: Laura Nell Burton
Photography by: Christin Gish

The San Antonio Public Library Foundation (SAPLF) held its annual Board Builder Luncheon on Wednesday, May 17, 2017. The SAPLF was established as a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization in 1983 by local leaders to augment the library’s budget. It’s led by a 50-member board of directors and has contributed more than $30 million in financial support to improve our public libraries. Here’s all the scoop from this May day…

Our lovely client graciously offered her home to SAPLF board colleagues for the occasion, and engaged Cloche to plan a seated luncheon in her picturesque backyard. To her dismay, as of Monday morning WeatherBug was still predicting rain. Not to worry, the show must go on! New logistics were finalized including scheduling and supervising trusted movers to clear the living room for 30 board members, with the remaining 20 to be seated at her dining room table. Luxe Event Decor delivered perfectly-pressed white hemstitch and made-to-order blue-grey linens, ghost chairs, pretty stemware, and gold-plated “Grand Duchess” flatware by Wallace.

All Luxe selections were made in careful keeping with the home’s gorgeous interiors (designed by gifted Architectural Digest-acclaimed interior designer, Melissa Morgan).

White hydrangeas, tulips, orchids, peonies and kolanchos were arranged in-house by Cloche in the hostess’s collection of blue and white (it just makes our hearts go pitter patter when we get to work with fabulous heirlooms for florals!).

Our client especially loved her tiny boxwoods artfully trellised in dendrobium orchids. We adore working with tiny boxwoods, and will pot them in her garden one she’s finished enjoying them inside.

Look at our pretty hostess with the mostess, who beautifully matches her blue and white ambiance—we get so excited when our clients care as much about details as we do!

Guests were greeted at the door with hand-passed Rosé and Topo Chico poured over edible-flower ice cubes (thank you to our cute friends at Gourmet Sweet Botanicals). P.S. Visit Topo Chico’s website for fun party beverage recipes!

Lunch was pre-plated (garnished with more edible flowers!) on the hostess’s china, each table featuring its own pattern (including some of Cloche’s personal favorites, Mottahedeh “Tobacco Leaf” and Herend “Queen Victoria”). It brings us great joy when our clients use their heirlooms—life’s too short to worry about broken dishes (that’s why Bob Page founded Replacements, Ltd.)! Like Bob, Cloche believes that we honor the stories of those before us when we share the treasures that they’ve left behind—in doing so, we write special, new chapters for the next generation…

A scrumptious menu of chilled tenderloin, asparagus, watermelon caprese, and carrot cake was catered by Club Giraud. Their amazing staff never fails to deliver excellence (we love you, Bryan and Keith!).

The menu, doubling on the backside as the luncheon agenda, was designed in-house by Cloche as a bookmark (a #details nod to SAPLF!).

Dynamic Tracey Ramsey Bennett, SAPLF President, emceed the day. Guest speaker Kenny Wilson, Haven For Hope President & CEO, spoke on the five main characteristics of an effective board member in a nonprofit organization including: passion for the cause; thoughtfulness; being a connector; a good listener; and leading versus managing.

The SAPLF “Greater Good Award,” a handblown vase by Garcia Art Glass, was then presented honoring two life-long supporters, Carmen Goldberg, SAPLF Executive Committee member, and the late Dan Parman, local developer and philanthropist who laid the groundwork for San Antonio’s Stone Oak development. Dan’s son, Brad, received the award on his father’s behalf. Dan’s passion for libraries and his legacy in San Antonio will live on. Carmen continues to help make the SAPLF cause shine daily through her tireless efforts.

Despite the rainy weather, it was a perfect party. Don’t miss more delightful pictures from this lovely library luncheon in our Gallery…and, until next time, cheers to a “Major” (meet him below) doggone darling day!