Cloche Designs | Cloche Collab: Reese, White, & Blue!
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Cloche Collab: Reese, White, & Blue!

By: Natalie Steen, @upthegetup Contributing Fashion Curator

There are few things as American as cherry pie, red, white & blue, and Reese Witherspoon. And there are even fewer things that get me to talk to my computer screen like this than when I receive a message from the merrymaking masters at Cloche Designs, entertainment detailers extraordinaire (Wondering if people at work who witness such behavior are starting to question my sanity? Me too, honey bunny, me too). What do you get when you combine all these beautifully-random-yet-predestined-to-be-perfect-together ingredients? A Memorial Day tablescape more delicious and patriotic than anything your Sweet Home Alabama dreams could imagine. That’s what! 
This week’s message from Laura Nell and Christin provided a sneak peek into the “Reese, White, & Blue” magic they conjured up (inspired by the cherry motif of Draper James’ summer collection). It also provided me with a welcome daydream thought bubble, as I pondered how in my second life I’d be spending the upcoming holiday weekend preparing a summertime meal in my lovely home with my fabulous friends (the kinda thing Vanity Fair, Vogue Living, House Beautiful would be fighting to feature because it would be an awesome time, with awesome music, soaking up a lot of awesomeness type thing). Which naturally led to another mental digression on one of my favorite choo choo trains of thought: whatever would I wear?! Being the superb hostess I am in my second life, I would pull off a look that complimented the decor and remained thematically appropriate at all times – nearing dangerously close to leaving guests with the impression they missed a dress code memo, but not quite.
Be sure to check out Cloche’s Reese, White, & Blue tablescape here. Getting to work with others that give a theme the over the top attention it deserves is the cherry on top to my work week (ba dum tish). That, and Dirty Shirleys.


Cherry ButtonDown – Draper James// Cherry Tervis Tumbler – Draper James// Sunglasses – Fendi// Cherry Striped Dress – Dolce & Gabbana// Cherries Crochet Earrings – Rosie Assoulin// Cherry Stud Earrings – ABS// Red Nail Polish – OPI// Cherry Top –Buffalo// Cherry Pant – New York & Co// Cherry Keyring – Anya Hindmarch// Black Pants – Altuzarra// Gingham Top – Caroline Constas// Cherry Sandals – Gucci// Woven Cherry Handbag – Etsy// Cherry Fascinator – Piers Atkinson// Gingham Jeans – Madewell// Gingham Clutch – Mansur Gavriel// Red Gingham Sneaker – Superga// Red Stripe Heel – Schutz// Firecracker Sandal – Free People