Cloche Designs | Profile
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Founder & Creative Director

Laura Nell has a deep appreciation of exquisite details and knack for making magic out of the otherwise mundane. She believes that mixing styles, colors and textures to create rich, layered event spaces is central to loveliness. She works collaboratively with her clients to clearly understand their vision, then creates designs that turns their gorgeous dreams into reality. She personally manages every single aspect of each event installation from start to finish and in the end, this hands-on approach to achieve perfection down to the very last detail brings that certain magic that is the hallmark of the Cloche Designs brand. In her former career, Laura Nell spent eight years in the Big Four accounting industry, so she is well versed in budget formulation and management which translates into smart contract negotiation and strategic allocation of dollars. Blended with her creativity, this unique combination of skills greatly benefits the event design process.


The University of Texas at Austin graduate’s education and experience run the gamut of interior design, public relations, events, advertising and marketing. After a fruitful career working for well-respected global companies, Laura Nell decided to leverage her years of leadership in the corporate world to co-found Cloche Designs with best friend Christin Gish in their hometown of San Antonio in 2017.


Laura Nell is a devoted wife, mother of three and believer of making every occasion a gracious celebration. Entertaining is one of her greatest joys, and she cherishes each opportunity to curate all the lovely details for her clients’ events.


Founder & Chief Operations Officer

From an early age, Christin Gish realized an aptitude for creativity and throughout her lifetime has found more than just one artistic niche ranging from visual arts and graphic design, to public relations and advertising. She is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma. After more than a decade of corporate level event management for highly sophisticated and demanding clients, Christin has cultivated an extensive knowledge of production logistics on every scale including massive, highly complex events, an invaluable asset she brings to each Cloche Designs event. She also brings specialized expertise in producing all aspects of entertainment as well as deep print and graphic design experience to her role. Her career has rendered her no stranger to both the long hours and meticulous attention to detail required to pull off every event to perfection. Ever positive, calm and in control, there’s never a problem she can’t solve.


Wife and loving mother to two children, Christin brings her nurturing skills to every job. She personally coordinates logistics of every Cloche wedding and event and her ever-positive personality, sense of humor and delightful demeanor helps our brides and clients relax as she effortlessly delivers joy-filled client service every step of the way.