Cloche Designs | Natural Born Huntress
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Natural Born Huntress

By: Natalie Steen, @upthegetup Contributing Fashion Curator

As a non-Texan who married Texan, I like to think of myself as HSL: Hunting as a Second Language. The tradition and pastime revered by so many I know was one that was the stuff of movies (and cartoons) until I learned and slowly grew accustomed to all it entails.
Some of what it entails is guys-only weekends and walk-in closets in your home filled with “gear.” But what it also entails – and how I learned to speak the language – are open-air drives in south Texas, feeling a sense of accomplishment greater than most academic/professional feats when you finally hit your first (flying) bird, and sharing cocktails with friends as you catch a beautiful sunset. But I have saved the best for last. Because what hunting will always entail (no matter the weather or the shell-to-bird ratio) to me (all thanks to my fabulous mother-in-law) is a dress-the-part-even-if-you-can’t-act-the-part experience that makes the sport extra enjoyable – even for a Miami gal like yours truly. Pairing your khakis and hunter greens with some blaze orange and your wool hat with some silk scarves leaves you looking like the natural-born huntress you never knew you are.
So leave it to Cloche to add a new, positive element to the mix: a hunting-themed dinner party, replete with all the ranch-chic details you (and your huntin’ husband) can imagine. Something about knowing some cocktails, barbecue, and festive times await after a hunt makes it all extra bearable and extra fun. Not to mention your outfit will match the table – which I must mention – because that makes it extra, extra good.

Orange  Acrylic Tumbler – Mario Luca Giusti// Tan Hat – Biltmore// Cream Mirrored Sunglasses – Madewell// Embroidered Green Shirt – Sandrine Rose// Tan Jeans – Paige// Orange Panama Hat – Albertus Swanepol/ Tortoise & Yellow Sunglasses – Madewell// Shooting Shirt – King Ranch Saddle Shop// Dark Camo Jeans – Hudson// Monogram Camo Jacket – Mariella Vilar// Orange Vest – King Ranch Saddle Shop// Orange Felt Hat – Forever 21// Yellow Sunglasses – Madewell// Green Shirt – Splendid// Light Camo Jeans – True Religion// Sand Hat – Biltmore// Tortoise & Blue Sunglasses – Madewell// Mexican Shirt – Mi Golondrina// Green Jeans – Paige// Snake Boots – Chippewa// Rubber Boots – Le Chameau// Belts – Zilker// Scarves – Hermes via The Real Real (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6), Lipstick – Tom Ford (Wild Ginger), Rose Water Spray – Herbivore