Cloche Designs | Keep Palm and Party On!
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Keep Palm and Party On!

By: Carolina Roberts

It’s fall, but here in Texas we tropic like it’s hot all year! The #clochegirls recently planned a 50th birthday party celebrating a pair of twins, themed after Frank Sinatra’s original Palm Springs estate which he called “Twin Palms.” Sinatra brought allure and sex appeal to Palm Springs, once a sleepy little town. The story goes that he opened the front door eating ice cream in a white sailor hat and said ‘I want that house.’ Suffice it to say, we’ve come a long way since sailor hats, but Hollywood glamour never goes out of style. Keep palm and party on! Stay tuned this week via our Instagram for posts and stories from the beautiful soirée and shop these looks in our links below.

1. Gold Clutch 2. Banana Leaf iPhone Case  3. Palm Top 4. Palm Pants 5. Gucci Sandal 6. Blush Earrings 7. Emerald Beaded Necklace 8. Cropped White Top 9. Blush & Pearl Clutch 10. Pink Shimmer Skirt 11. Cocktail Shaker 12.Pink Flower Sandal 13. Acrylic Palm Earrings 14. Pink Heart Sunglasses 15. Palm Dress 16. “Rosé all Day” Acrylic Clutch 17. Fuchsia Heels