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Jewel Ball

By: Laura Nell Burton
Photography: Jenna-Beth Lyde, Parish Photography

I first met Carrie and Tommy Green 21 years ago through the San Antonio German Club as my debutante sponsors. Little did we all know then it was the beginning of a precious friendship that has richly blessed my life. At the time of my own deb party, Carrie and Tommy were new parents to their first daughter, Caroline. I remember the first time I met Caroline, fresh-faced from a nap with a head full of fly-away jet black hair waddling down the hall in her nightie. All of this full circle is why getting the call to plan her deb party was so special.

Carrie introduced Christin and I to the other four mothers who would soon be our wonderful clients. When they hired us, they’d already chosen their theme “Jewel Ball” inspired by Jewels, a three-act ballet created for the New York City Ballet by co-founder and founding choreographer George Balanchine. After visiting famed jewelers Van Cleef and Arpels, Balanchine selected emeralds, rubies and diamonds for his three ballet acts (perfect colors for a Christmas time deb ball)! Each room at Jewel Ball was to uniquely represent green for emerald, red for ruby and silver for diamond (the three most precious stones for a group of most precious daughters). A classy invitation set the tone and we brought their theme to life through a series of spectacular moments using creative designs, lovely linens and fabulous finishes at the The St. Anthony Hotel.Overnight guests were greeted at check in with festive welcome bags.We designed custom acrylic columns that framed in a dramatic balloon and floral entrance moment brought to life by our talented friends at Tres Floral.We installed beautiful bars and pretty florals in the grand hall at The St. Anthony Hotel (known as “Peacock Alley”).We just love a powerful entry moment and upon arrival, before the receiving line began, our clients’ guests each received a glass from a champagne tower then stilted showgirls greeted them with a personal pour of bubbly! A piano and saxophone duo serenaded the crowd.Y’all! Are these the most beautiful debs you’ve ever seen?!! After the receiving line ended, Christin went on bride duty helping them change out of their white gowns into party dresses (so their moms could stay downstairs and not miss a minute greeting friends)!The debs were then escorted into the ballroom by dancing disco ball heads (we coordinated a costume change after the showgirls finished pouring champagne).Our clients decided on a powerful stage backdrop and a custom silver glitter acrylic dance floor with a matching platform we designed and fabricated for the dancers. Tres Floral finished the entire look with a captivating balloon install. We always work hard to make sure our event designs gel with the existing aesthetics of the venue. We embrace what’s already there in a tasteful way which helps maximize the budget in the end (and also gives Cloche events more of a living room feel, something guests can’t quite put their fingers on but we think they can sense the difference…which is a big part of our magic)! The St. Anthony Hotel ballroom is primarily grey tones so silver was a perfect compliment.Adjacent to the ballroom we installed a lovely round bar with mirrored insets and a floor to ceiling photo booth backdrop showcasing a diamond neon sign.Our debs wrote messages to their friends and we digitized their handwriting into lipstick mirror clings (a fun selfie moment for guests)!We were beyond thrilled when our clients opted for a showstopper install in their buffet room. We draped the entire parameter in gold then finished the room with a ruby red mock tent revealing a six-layer dessert celebrating a birthday which fell on the same night as Jewel Ball. Sweet Kelsey turned 22 on December 22 and her family surprised her on her golden birthday in every way! We absolutely loved working with her mother on all of the details (down to the very last measurement of her gorgeous cake) leading up to her birthday moment!Later in the evening we coordinated the showgirls’ third costume change, transforming them into disco ninjas! Part of our minute-by-minute event production schedule was that each time they entered the ballroom for a new set Taylor Pace Orchestra was cued by our team with a specific song.The evening ended at midnight with the debs on stage dancing to P!nk’s “Raise Your Glass.” And, as Christin and I stood together on the ballroom balcony with our clients waiting to cue a confetti drop, we knew we’d never be the same.

To the Greens, Bakkes, Lansdales, Ryders and Volpes, every step walking through such a magical season with Caroline, Hannah, Kelsey, Elizabeth and Alegra was a true professional and personal privilege. We’ll never get over seeing the joy on each of your faces that night as you experienced all the magic come to life. Your Jewel Ball has left a permanent mark on our hearts.Thank you for trusting us to help you make these memories that are the most precious jewels of life. We love you all so much!


The Cloche Girls ♥