Cloche Designs | It’s SO Easy Being Green
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It’s SO Easy Being Green

By: Carolina Roberts

Cute Kermit the Frog sang “it’s not easy being green” but the Cloche girls believe there’s always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow connection!! So don’t get in a wardrobe pinch this St. Patrick’s Day…entertain friends and family and show them it’s SO easy being green. Stay tuned this week as we share green table top inspo to guide your planning and shop these looks to match your party (you’ll be ready for spring break too)!

  1. Gold Flower Earrings 2. Floral Print Dress 3. Green Silk Slides 4. Green Sunglasses 5. Green Hexagon Earrings 6. Green Stripe Bag 7. Green Palm Bikini 8. Green Satin Heels 9. White Dress 10. Gold Disk Earrings 11. Green Dress 12. Neon Prada Purse 13. Palm Leaf Cocktail Shaker 14. Gold & Leather Sandals 15. Olive Green Sunglasses 16. Green Striped Bikini 17. White Sarong 18. Tasseled Pom- Pom Clutch 19. Green Embellished Slides