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Home From The Hunt

By: Laura Nell Burton
Photography By: Christin Gish

We interrupt this marriage to bring you deer and quail season

Don’t get me wrong, I’m fully aware that the best women are hard to find because they wear camo…but then kids come along, and inevitably snuggly deer blind dating memories slowly fade into ’til hunting do us part (I love being married to an avid hunter because I love being neglected 99% of the time on account of your buck fevered condition. I’ll be anxiously awaiting your return with open arms and zero resentment in my heart. Said no wife, EVER!).

So as the men gear up, back here at Cloche, we’re fired up to bring you hunting widows our latest Love Letter: “Home From the Hunt.”  Our design inspiration came from my husband’s favorite Dos Carolinas guayabera (handmade in San Antonio, Texas) starring camouflaged 007 naked ladies! We sourced the exact fabric (we love a good online treasure hunt), commissioned bespoke linens, and curated a fabulous array of blaze orange tabletop decor (for anyone new to hunting, “blaze orange” is worn so that quail hunters can see each other in field). From a design perspective, it brightens up an otherwise drab camouflage color scheme—and we love a good color pop!

Hunters really do have a language of their own—evidenced by Bass Pro Shops’ glossary of hunting terms. My personal favorite is “slob hunter” which is defined as a hunter who exhibits disregard for game laws and other disrespectful behavior such as littering, poor firearms safety, wasting game meat, poaching, party hunting, or drinking alcohol while hunting. Yep, I’m storing that in my arsenal for the next time my husband returns home after five days of not showering or shaving with a pile of filthy hunting gear he asks me to wash!

So let’s pull the trigger and share the highlights from this ranch-chic dinner party (view even more photos from the evening here). We hope you’re inspired by this group of besties (and bird dog mascot loyally named “Miller” after his Mama’s favorite beer) winding down on a hot night in the city after a killer day trip to the ranch.

A big thank you goes out to Baker Tatum for their “Bubba Board,” a supreme cutting board stretching the entire truck bed that brought our tailgate to a whole new level (get one while you can—there are only a few left and it’s the LAST time they’ll be in stock)! Baker Tatum also offers a full line of fabulous Mario Luca Giusti synthetic crystal barware including the cups that adorn our table—we love you Jody and Nicole! We’re also grateful to Illusions Rentals and Designs for the cross back chairs and pretty gold flatware. For the rest of our sources, well, you’ll just have to hire us…

I also want to quickly plug some of our favorite depots for hunting season wearables. First, don’t miss the fabulous new Dallas-based brand Upland Bespoke offering custom sporting vests. Follow them on Instagram @uplandbespoke! Lifelong favorite brands are Beretta and the King Ranch Saddle Shop offering everything from saddles, boots and apparel to home goods, luggage, and more for those who love ranch style and functionality. Finally, outfit your bird dog with a Found My Animal durable blaze orange hand-spliced collar and leash made from marine-grade rope and solid brass hardware. We think they’re the coolest (with a cause) dog accessories on the market—U.S. made and handcrafted in Brooklyn, N.Y.

At Cloche, we love sentimental #details, so I can’t sign off without lingering on these last few photos of a best friend and his father sporting matching Browning special edition “Sweet Sixteen” shotguns when hunting together in the 1980s. He treasures the pair today as a reminder of wonderful father-son memories made with a great man who died too young.

Don’t forget, Cloche is here to help you curate your own version of this party. After decades of our own ranch trips where the hunting was as important as the cocktails and cuisine, we are loaded, aimed and ready to help you fire up the grill. At the West Texas deer camp, or on the South Texas quail hunting truck, your party should be one everyone looks forward to. Or, it might be just the backyard BBQ enticement your husband needs to come on home from the hunt!