Cloche Designs | Get Carried Away with Cloche
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Get Carried Away with Cloche

By: Natalie Steen, @upthegetup Contributing Fashion Curator

There’s festive and then there’s festive. The latter is said in a deeper, lower note of a voice while doing this motion. To achieve the level of festive I refer to, it helps to call in the experts at Cloche, masters of details for any and every occasion. I’ve gushed on their mastery of shindigs before (see here & here), and today I shall do it once again (don’t ask me to stop because it ain’t gonna happen!).

On the Cloche Calendar this week is a Hot Air Balloon themed Independence Day party in the magical German town of Fredericksburg, Texas (I’ll give you one guess on where I wish I was going to be mañana). And in true Cloche fashion, no element of the patriotic affair is being spared of their touch of lively, perfected design (see a sneak peak below). First question: is there anything more American than being surrounded by red, white and blue while hearing squeals of delight from young tots reverberating in the air and feeling the breeze through the trees where paper hot air balloons float above you as you catch a whiff of the grill deep in the heart of barbecue land aka Texas? No, there isn’t (le duh). Next question: did I just get carried away there? Perhaps – but that’s also unavoidable because there ain’t no party like a Cloche party (‘cuz a Cloche party don’t stop).

Be sure to check out all of the party details on their website and/or insta tomorrow –  it will blow you away (Get it?!) and save you from having to think of how you want to style your Fourth of July 2018 partay (​​​​​​​you don’t want to be tardy to the par-tay).


 Navy Top – Rachel Comey// Navy Bow Pleated Skirt – Gucci// Gingham Blouse – Marques Almeida// Blue Tulle Ball Skirt – J. Crew// Straw Hat – Barneys// Red Sunglasses – Ray Ban// Red, White & Blue Poms – Court Perk Designs// Red/White Hot Air Balloon Crystal Clutch – Judith Leiber// Red/Blue Meteor Earrings – Lizzie Fortunato// Hot Air Balloon Earrings – Etsy// Black/White Hot Air Balloon Crystal Clutch – Judith Leiber//Hot Air Balloon Handbag – Ebay//  Blue Polka Dot Sandal – Tabitha Simmons// Slide Sandal – Fendi// Blue Polka Dot Sandal – Tabitha Simmons// Blue Polka Dot Slide Sandals – Tabitha Simmons