Cloche Designs | Cloche is THREE!
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Cloche is THREE!

By: Laura Nell Burton & Debbi Chesney, Alamo Heights Community Chaplain
Photography: Jenna-Beth Lyde, Parish Photography

Cloche is THREE! I was just reading online that nine out of ten businesses fail by now. This past year we took a hard look at our work-life balance and made significant changes. We cut all the fat, so to speak. As always, we stood firm on our solid foundation, which was built on faith, a commitment to creative and client service excellence, and of course, our unshakable friendship.As it relates to cutting the fat, this is the first blog we’ve written in eight months. When we have something special to say, like today, the blog is here, but it’s no longer the burden we realized it had become (we were averaging eight work weeks a year blogging). We also made the strategic decision to service a select number of luxury weddings and/or large-scale events each year. During this challenging time in our world, we’re choosing a mindset of gratitude. We’re thankful that after three years of growth, we know exactly who we are, what we stand for, and what kind of business we want to be.Each year on our birthday, Debbi Chesney, our local Community Chaplain, stops by our office for cake and a champagne toast. This year, because of social distancing, the celebration was virtual including her beautiful prayer via text which I’ve shared below. After reading it, I scrolled up to take stock of all the prayer requests we sent her a year ago while were navigating through changing our business model. God has brought us so far since then. It’s beautiful to look back now at that walk through the desert with the perspective of where He was leading us.Dear God,

Thank You for Cloche Designs!

We are so grateful to You for the past three years and look forward to many, many more!

We ask that you heal our community, nation and world. Please show us how to convey compassion and understanding as we plan celebrations in these uncertain times. As we guide and advise our clients, let us lead with love, wisdom and discernment.

We want Cloche to be set apart as a business, only to honor You, God.

We know all good things come from You and You alone. Your provision has been amazing—we have witnessed this first hand.

We thank You for consistently walking before us in all scenarios.

We thank You for the vast opportunities You have given us.

We are humbled and honored to be a small part of so many special moments, whether it be a wedding, a fundraiser, a deb party, a small intimate dinner party or a luncheon, may we continue to bring Your presence and Your beauty into each and every place.

We pray for the future of Cloche and we ask You for continued provision.

God, we thank You for the families You have given us. They have sacrificed so much as we work.

Thank You for our special friendship! May it continue to grow.

You promise so clearly that You have good plans for each of us, to prosper us and not to harm us, to give us a future and hope.

We know with certainty that You do not change.
You never have.
You never will.

We thank You God, and with full, grateful hearts we give You Cloche.