Cloche Designs | Breast Cancer Survivor Gift Guide #1
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Breast Cancer Survivor Gift Guide #1

By Laura Nell Burton

For those of you following our blog closely, I recently had three elective surgeries because of my genetic high risk for breast cancer. Read about my previvor journey here. Now that I’m back at work and on the mend, I thought I’d share some of the goodies that brightened my weeks while recovering in bed. According to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, women in the U.S. have a one in eight lifetime risk of developing breast cancer. The fact is, we all know someone who’s been diagnosed. So I’ve put together a helpful guide of practical, pretty-in-pink gifts that you can give to lift their spirits. This is the first of two guides, I’ll post the other on Friday.

Shop all these items in the links below!

  1. Epic Artisanal Bone Broth (packed with healing protein, low in fat & yummiest on the market!) 2. Pillow Bar Travel Companion Set 3. Heating Pad. 4. Weezie Towels 5. Shhhower Cap 6. Heidi Carey (my favorite) Cotton Kimono Style Robe 7. AERIN Tuberose Candle 8. Pink Faux Fur Naptime Throw 9. Surgical Bra 10. Heart Sunglasses (for the ride home from the hospital!) 11. Button Up (the front of course) Pajamas 12. Queasy drops 13. Sound Machine 14. Aroma Diffuser 15. Bedrest Support Pillow