Cloche Designs | Be Teal My Heart
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Be Teal My Heart

By: Carolina Roberts

We’re getting revved up to share a 70th birthday we planned for an author and classic car lover. We just know it will teal your hearts! Stay tuned for all the party beauty we’ll share next week, and in the meantime teal these looks that match the party before they’re gone!!

1. Pretty White Earrings- 2. Celine Sunglasses- 3. Black & White Strip Purse- 4. Kitty Flats- 5. White & Blue Strip Blouse- 6. Velvet Pearl Bow- 7. Black Circle Earrings- 8. Book (authored by our 70th birthday boy)- 9. Blue Satin Heels- 10. Silver Top- 11. White Clutch- 12. Lip Gloss- 13. Black Pants- 14. Gold & Silver Earrings- 15. Teal Dress- 16. Black Clutch- 17. Silver Heels-