Cloche Designs | An Emerald City Wedding
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An Emerald City Wedding

By: Laura Nell Burton
Photography By: Wayfarer Photography

There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home …

When family becomes friends and friends become family—that’s where we find true joy in our work. This happened earlier this year when we had the absolute privilege to design and plan storybook nuptials at San Antonio’s Hotel Emma.

Alexandra and Noah’s “meet cute” is straight out of a Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks romcom. The sweet, handsome boy from Oregon sat down for his dental exam and quickly had hearts in his eyes for our gorgeous, emerald-eyed dentist. An avid fly fisherman, Noah landed the catch of his life a few years later when he popped the question with a stunning emerald and diamond engagement ring. Alexandra immediately dialed her older sister (who happens to be Cloche’s own founder, Christin Gish) to plan the big day! At first sight of her emerald stunner, the #clochegirls had all the inspiration we needed.

Since there’s no place like home…the couple knew they wanted to be married in San Antonio, Alexandra’s hometown where their love story began. We created a private Pinterest board to collaborate on ideas. We drew upon the rustic beauty of Hotel Emma, selecting copper to compliment emerald. Alexandra and Noah opted for an intimate guest list, affording that each invitation could be created by hand—because the heart of any fabulous event begins with the paper story! We worked with Wandering Heart Paper on a bespoke paper suite featuring a wedding crest of entwined initials inspired by Hotel Emma’s own crest.

We curated a vignette of vintage postage stamps inspired by Alexandra and Noah’s love story. From their home states, to fly fishing and dentistry—delivering these charming details to our brides are the heartbeat of what makes a Cloche Designs wedding uniquely special. We then carried their wedding crest across cocktail napkins, escort cards and menus.

Dreamy copper and emerald hand-dyed silk ribbon accented their paper suite, and we cohesively repeated it in floral bouquets and other wedding details.

Guests entered the courtyard ceremony and signed their well wishes at a table adorned with our collection of Florentine trays displaying wedding photos of Alexandra and Noah’s parents, grandparents and great-grandparents.

Alexandra took Noah’s breath away during their first look.

When the clock struck 11:00 in the morning, it was time for the Father of the Bride to walk his beloved Alexandra down the aisle.

She was a vision from another era in her high neck lace gown. Alexandra and Noah were married by a close friend and exchanged vows in front of an antique iron cross.

Afterwards guests sipped on Hotel Emma’s signature “La Babia” margaritas served in vintage style emerald glasses. Bells chimed when it was time for guests to be seated in the Elephant Cellar.

Hotel Emma’s reclaimed Spanish tile floors inspired our floral palette. Rust colored orchids, pincushions and succulents were set against a romantic sea of floating candles for the intimate luncheon reception. Hotel Emma’s china, mirroring the couple’s own wedding crest, was set atop emerald green velvet linens, copper flatware, emerald green cut glass goblets and copper bistro chairs from Luxe Event Decor.

The bride’s cake was a feast for the eyes in the center of the room dressed in orchids atop a rustic wooden cake stand.

Cloche collaborated with Sugar Nest on the groom’s cake design which featured copper fly fisherman silhouettes on an emerald green background. The menu playfully named it “He’s such a catch! Chocolate Cake”.

The bride and groom “Waltzed across Texas” during their first dance and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room when Alexandra’s father next sang the song he wrote for her when she was born. As the celebration came to an end, a saxophone player led guests towards Hotel Emma’s bridge over the San Antonio River Walk playing “Fly Me To the Moon” to send Mr. and Mrs. Schoenholtz off in a shower of dried lavender.

We bid the beautiful couple farewell as they embarked upon a week-long honeymoon to Belize!

To our darling Alexandra, thank you for trusting us with the most special day of your life. Being there for every magical minute—from the moment we began planning, to quiet prayers with your family, the last zip of your wedding dress, and final placement of your lovely veil—brought us more joy than we can properly express in words.

“She knew she loved him
when ‘home’ went 
from being a place
to being a person.”
E. Leventhal

There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…and just like that, Alexandra clicked her wedding day heels and she was home ♥