Cloche Designs | Our Team
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Founder & Creative Curator

Laura Nell learned to appreciate lovely details from her parents, her artist mother whose medium was textile fragments, and her litigator father who spent weekends tending to plants, buying the latest cooking gadgets, and creating culinary masterpieces. He taught Laura Nell that every meal is a reason to celebrate. She lives by that today. Where her mother instilled creativity and self-sufficiency, her father taught her the art of Southern hospitality, how to prepare delicious food that nourishes body and soul, and that anything worth doing, is worth doing with excellence.


Laura Nell received a Bachelor of Journalism degree in public relations in 1998 from the University of Texas at Austin. She has also attended interior design classes at St. Mary’s University and ran a small design business shortly after graduating from college, before she became busy with a relationship-based marketing career in the Big Four accounting industry and then her three children.


Fundamentally, Laura Nell believes that the juxtaposition of mixing styles, colors and textures is central to loveliness. Entertaining is one of the great joys of her life, and she cherishes incorporating treasures into her tablescapes that have been passed down by the people who have made her who she is today. Her own home is appointed with attractive yet practical pieces, each with a sentimental story to tell, and nothing is too precious for her children. As she places elements on a table, she blesses the loved one who will break bread in that chair, gives thanks for the great gift that they are in her life. She weaves these prayers into the details of her work.


This is all to say Laura Nell believes with passion that attention to detail makes life magical, that details turn ordinary into the extraordinary—and she hopes to have the great joy of walking alongside you to curate lovely details, together.


Founder & Operations Curator

Texas born, but Sooner bred, Christin graduated in 2005 from the University of Oklahoma where she received a Bachelor of Journalism degree in public relations. Growing up, Christin’s parents encouraged and fostered her creativity and innovation, and she credits their influence as it relates to the talents and expertise that she brings to Cloche.


Christin’s professional experience includes event and production management, creative services, and global brand account management at the largest event-based marketing firm in San Antonio. She brings expertise in graphic and multi-media design, and in print services management. After gaining eleven years of professional experience in both the corporate and non-profit industries, she transitioned from her full-time professional career into part-time consulting work, including photography, to enjoy life’s most precious moments with her two children.


It was the arrival of her son that prompted Christin to finally make a significant investment in her first professional camera, beginning a new chapter in her career. In the years that have followed, her attraction to photography has evolved into a full-blown love affair, photographing interiors, people and places.


Christin is thrilled to bring her unique blend of experiences to Cloche.